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Protective Ankle Support

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Elastoplast Protective Ankle Support Elastoplast Protective Ankle Support helps to provide support to weak or injured ankles and helps to provide protection from further injury. It gives a moderate level of support during activities and the level of compression can be adjusted to your personal needs. With Dynamic Pain Guard: provides protection and relief 360° Support Technology that provides wraparound support and stability to the ankle. Dynamic Pressure Adjustment that reduces overstraining to relieve pain. Thermo-Tech material that provides warmth to support circulation and recovery. 100 years of injury care Elastoplast Protective Ankle Support is backed by over 100 years of injury care to let you get back to what matters most. We've got you covered for a life uninterrupted.

Item Number 02579 (02579-00007-48)

Australian Short Code 2579

1 Step 1
Position support with smooth side against skin. Place heel securely in loop. Wrap support over the top of foot toward inside of ankle.
2 Step 2
Wrap support under foot arch and over top of foot.
3 Step 3
Wrap support around back of ankle, then toward front of ankle. Attach hook fastener to support. Re-wrap support with varying degrees of tension until desired support and comfort are achieved.