Taping Techniques

Strapping with adhesive tape is important for the prevention of joint injuries, especially the ankle and hand. Taping is also essential during early management of injury and rehabilitation. Recurrence of injury when the athlete recommences training is less likely with supportive taping.1

A variety of sports use taping to prevent injury. In karate, the foot is taped to prevent injury2. Adhesive tape is often used to help athletes recover from ligament sprains of the ankle or to help prevent further injury. Sports most commonly associated with ankle sprains include basketball, football, baseball and soccer.

Ankle taping can protect the ankle from injury when an athlete lands awkwardly.

Preventative taping has also been found to:

  • Reduce severity of injury to the ligament
  • Lower recurrence of injury by as much as 75%3,
  • Give the most support while limiting backward bending4


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